Frodos first triathlon

“When we look at a world champion and wonder where they came from it’s an honour and privilege to know that the IM world champion, although known internationally as the German wünderkind, was actually a “born” and raised South African kid!

It’s a fairytale story of a tanned and lanky boy named Jan Frodeno, or “Frodo” as we already called him then, coming along for a road cycle. I had told him to join us, as the surf lifesaving and volleyball were far too tame! Jan took me up on the invitation; it must have been the temptation to ride with guys much fitter, much older and more experienced in multi-sports that lured him away from surfing and beach volleyball for the day.

Jan did well to stay with the bunch and after that we treated him like our little brother. Then after coming to watch me race a few triathlons he plucked up the courage to do one himself. The most notable event where he came to watch me race was a triathlon in Simonstown; Jan said he’ll come watch the swim and bike and then join me on the run! Not really legal, but we did it anyway.”

Read this interesting story written by Chad Gordon for SBR magazine Jan – Chad story