Lets Do This!

This past Saturday, after months of planning, hard work, building and preparation and strategising we were finally able to open our doors to the public.

We had a small open morning for members of our local community and were able to show them around our new facilities and explain our vision for Trail’s End which is far greater than the hotel itself.

It goes without saying that we want to create an top-class hotel for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen but we are also passionate about our community and seeing it succeed.

Grabouw, like many areas of South Africa, is not without its problems. Lack of jobs and lack of housing are big challenges. We could continue as we are, just building more low-cost housing in every available space, but a house without a job is like a promise without a future. So, we want to contribute towards creating jobs and the future sustainability and upliftment of our community. If we can make this hotel successful and help to make our area successful, we will be able to do just that!

Did you know that for every ten tourists one permanent job is created? This means thousands of tourists create hundreds of jobs and tens of thousands of tourists create thousands of jobs!

As well as helping to uplift our community through job creation we want to encourage people to view life differently. To see the beauty in our surrounding and to want to get out there and appreciate it. We all know that we can think more clearly and rationally after exercise, Mens sana in copore sano: A healthly mind in a healthy body – but how many of us sit inside watching TV on a beautiful day and over indulge on food and drink instead?

We want Trail’s End to be a meeting place where local meets the world. Where ideas are shared. Where dreams are dreamed and where solutions are found. Most excitingly Grabouw is on the brink. Right now, as part of the Grabouw Beautiful innitiative, a computer generated 3D plan of Grabouw in 2020 is being put together. It is being workshopped with our community and the municipality and will become a blueprint that incorporates many sustainable projects including:

– Desperately needed housing at all levels.
– Flat pack housing systems for those waiting for housing and wishing to do something themselves to fast track the process.
– A skills development facility.
– A River front development.
– A Park of Unity – loosely based on the Eden Project in the UK that will catapult Grabouw into the top bracket of international tourist destinations.

It will display a model of sustainability in the centre of one of the world’s most valuable floral kingdoms.; just what the world needs right now as we reach the tipping point of the survival of the human species…

The tide is about to change.

Here we have the beauty, here we have the potential – Now we need to make it happen!