Progress in the Bicycle Museum

The first phase of the Trail’s End Bicycle Museum (Gallery I) has been so well received by cyclists, the cycling industry and the general public that we are planning a second phase that will triple the size of the museum.

Whereas Gallery I has displays on the technological evolution of the bicycle, from the concept bike of Leonardo da Vinci’s apprentice in 1534 to the hobbyhorse (1816), boneshaker (1860s), penny-farthings (1870s) and early safeties and war cycles in the 1890s and early 1900s, Gallery II will comprise a series of thematic displays on the diverse ways in which the basic bicycle design has been modified for a variety of purposes, including road and offroad racing, utility and recreational uses.

Gallery II will also celebrate some of our greatest cyclists including Olympians and Paralympians, world champions and those intrepid individuals who have undertaken epic long-distance rides on their bikes. Gallery II will also feature displays on the evolution, efficiency and anatomy of the bicycle as well as exhibits on South Africa-made bikes and frames.

We are in the process of acquiring some remarkable bicycles from museums and individuals so watch this space for exciting announcements in the near future.