Not only is Trail’s End the first Bike Hotel in Africa, but also plays host to the first Bicycle Museum in Africa. The Museum, curated by Professor Mike Bruton, consists of two galleries, with Gallery I; The History of the Bicycle, and Gallery II; Celebrating Bicycles in Africa.

Gallery I tells the story of the origins of the bicycle from the earliest concept, up until the standard triangle frame we are used to today. This Gallery also contains exhibits on the role of the bicycle in the boer war, the journey Sol Plaatje undertook by bicycle across South Africa in the early 1900’s, and the role of the bicycle in the emancipation of women.
Gallery1 bicycle museum 1
Gallery1 bicycle museum 2
Gallery II is a celebration of the multifaceted roles that bicycles play in Africa, with a focus on the history of cycling in South Africa. This gallery features a display of South African Made and/or Designed Bicycles, Fun Bicycles, the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Cape Epic as well as Great Cycle Touring Adventures, including Riaan Manser’s Around Africa trip. This gallery also has a display of some of the greatest cyclists to come out of South Africa through the years and finishes off with a photo gallery of the many uses of bicycles in Africa.
Gallery2 bicycle museum 1
Gallery2 bicycle museum 2